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It is useless to tell you, that the eye also wants its part, or maybe not!

If in case you haven't noticed it yet, one of the fastest and most communicative models is the visual impact.

A nice glass, a rich color, raises the qualitative perception by 20/30%.

Not bad I would say!

At this point I want to share DE STONE my Design, my creation.

This new container, in addition to being innovative in design and unique in its kind, pursues the path of sustainability. (does not need a straw)

The design has been created in such a way that the customer can directly drink it from his cove without difficulty.

Obviously, like all news, it needs to be explained, and I'm sure this will be a great opportunity for you   to be able to interact with your client, sharing with him the masterpiece you have created.

I also want to share with you that the product is 100% Italian, handmade by our most trusted artisans in Turin.

The material is sturdy and durable, easy to wash. (obviously needs a brush for a more massive cleaning)

Hand wash recommended, dishwasher washing is no problem.

Ok I come to the point,

DE STONE is normally sold at a price of 18 euros.

I decided to make you an offer   an offer   embarrassing.  

12 euros

for each



Collection by hand in Turin.

Or shipping throughout Italy.

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