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40 ml Peanut Bourbon

25 ml Lavazza Kafa Cold Brew

15 ml maple syrup

5 mint leaves


Tools: julep stainer, barspoon

Glass: julep cup our your favorite glass.


-1  Stir ingredients together in your favorite glass ( julep mug 'll be perfect).

Mix  all the ingredient by using the spoon to extract the flavor ( no squeeze, but  gently stir)

-2  add crushed ice, strain again to keep in cold and well mix all ingredients

Garnish: Spring fresh Mint  coffee powder



200 gr. Raw Peanuts (unsalted)

1 liter Bourbon (or other spirit of your choice)

Remove skins from peanuts, and give just a quick rough chop (not much).


Toast the peanuts lightly until they just start to brown and the oils are starting to come out.  Set the peanuts aside and allow to cool.


Once cooled, add both the peanuts and bourbon to a Sous Vide bag.

Set your Sous vide:

70 degree temperature

2 hours


For me the taste must be intense, (of course, the more your whiskey is alcoholic, the less time it takes to infuse)


After 2 hours, leave everything in the bag until it has cooled well.


Drain peanuts from the liquid (if you want to dehydrate them to serve as pairing)


Pour into an empty bottle, the liquid practically does not expire.



Although the United States made Cold Brew coffee famous in the coffee world, in Japan people were already enjoying it in the 1600s.



From there, Dutch merchants introduced it to the rest of the world. This is why it is also known as Dutch Coffee or Kyoto Coffee.


To make this coffee, you’ll need a Cold Brew Tower and... a lot of patience! 


Unlike Italian espresso, in fact, the secret of this preparation lies in the slowness with which the water filters, drop after drop, through the ground coffee. Just like every star, Cold Brew Coffee also has secrets of its own.

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