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Connections are important, and the ones I share with you today are those that bind history, customs and traditions.


011 is a part of the past that is still present, is it the prefix of Turin, is it perhaps a concept? or maybe a way of communicating? or perhaps it is a melancholy thought that still binds us to our tradition.


The ingredients are traditional as well as traditional and the technique to obtain this drink is extremely simple.


Rosolio Italicus

Tierra Colombia



Pour 30 grams of Colombia coffee beans into a glass jar, then always pour 40 ml of Rosolio Italicus into the same jar.

Now comes the fun, with a spoon stir until the mixture turns brown (turns light brown).


With a strainer also from you, drain the mixture into a glass full of cubed ice, stir for a few seconds making the mixture cold.



The public at home can simply use a mint bud to make the drink even cooler olfactively.


For greedy identities we will serve a bergamot mint sprout, this option is a little more difficult to find (for now) the added value lies in the addition of acidity given by the bergamot.

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