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MASTER in your town.



My professional staff and I can reach you wherever you are in the world.

Our most famous Master Classes are Masters in Design and Masters in Multisensory.

But we also share Coffee Mastery and Sustainability Mastery and Food Pairing Mastery , all centered on the world of bars and hospitality.

You can choose one or more Masterys, it all depends on you and how much time you have available.




What are the advantages of the mastery in your city?

Sometimes people are short on time, or it's not up to them to travel on the journey

The Master in your city is simple to organize, does not involve various kinds of travel and gives the opportunity to participate in the Master to save MONEY but above all precious TIME.

√ In addition, Dennis and his team will always be at your disposal.

You will be able to taste all the recipes that will be offered.

√ You will learn special systems, which you can already use immediately at your bar

You will have an educational experience at the highest level as you have never done before

Once you have chosen the most appropriate Mastery for you, we do the rest.
The only thing you need to think about is making your school, facility available and inviting attendees.

That's IT .

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