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Before the advent of refrigeration and the most modern methods of food preservation, smoking was fundamental for the sustenance of entire populations for many centuries.

It is, therefore, a very ancient method which is presumed to date back as far as 90 thousand years ago.

The discovery would be completely random since our ancestors would have learned it by involuntarily smoking the foods hung on the walls of the caves with the fire used to heat and cook the game.

Let's say that the process is based on a fundamental need, conservation through drying with a surprise factor in smoking.

Smoke which over the years turns out to be in turn a strategic preservative component, in fact the composition of the smoke at a chemical level develops aldehyde components, phenolic compounds and aliphatic acids, which considerably reduce bacterial loads.

There are several tools for smoking cocktails and the prices, let's say, are fairly good

to fit all budgets.

The name of the tool commonly used for smoking cocktails is SMOKING GUN (smoking gun).

Its use is very simple and intuitive, just fill the combustion chamber with wood to smoke, turn on the smoker, bring the flame into the combustion chamber and finally direct the smoke into a closed container.


On the market there is plenty of choice, what is important to know is not to use random woods, the woods that are sold for online smoking guns are not treated with additives or other substances, to avoid the development of carcinogens. .

Besides the woods, aromatic spices (100% natural) can also be used.

However, not all spices give the same aromatic olfactory result in the smoked version, this implies a study and experimentation in search of the most suitable for the application you want.

A tip, before setting fire to the product you want to smoke, it is a good practice to moisten it with a vaporizer with water inside to lengthen the combustion times and generate more smoke which in part will also be water vapor and which will transport it in its own way. what aromatic peculiarities.



The most functional systems can be, smoking the ice both for the stir and strain technique and as the shake one.

The ice is inserted into the mixinglass, the mixinglass is cooled, then the smoke is inserted into the mixinglass by covering it with a coaster or napkin, in such a way as not to let it escape from the container.

After a few minutes, all the ingredients necessary for the composition of the cocktail can be poured into the mixinglass.

The result will be a gentle smoking that is not too invasive, to consider that in any case the result will vary according to the product that is smoked, the density of the smoke, how long the smoke remains in contact with the ice and what type of ingredients are used for the realization of the cocktail.

In the shaker the technique is the same except that the shaker, unlike the mixinglass, is closed.

There is a likelihood that in the shake mode the smoke becomes even more concentrated and that it can cover the perception of the other ingredients.

Another technique is to smoke the glass

In this case the aroma of the smoke will not be as impactful as the other two techniques, the smoke successfully releases most of its shades by coming into contact with food and liquids that can retain these aromatic characteristics, on the contrary the glass has a structure that limits the assimilation of aromaticity (as I believe you have already happened, an unwashed and dried glass has a tendency to release a bad smell).

Smoking inside the bottle is a technique that in addition to attributing the aroma also shares a technical and ritual moment of a certain importance.

In this case the smoking takes place inside a bottle, where the smoke is blown inside the bottle and then poured the liquid or vice versa.

This technique has an excellent effectiveness, nevertheless it is necessary to pay close attention to the parameters that can determine an over-extraction.

It will be necessary to pay attention to the type of products that are used, some distillates have a very high extraction power, the contact time between cocktails and smoke and the temperature of the liquids that you want to smoke.

Smoking cocktails under the bell is another effective technique

This technique, unlike the others, pursues a different goal, that of flavoring the entire surface of the glass and the top of the cocktail.

Also in this case the important parameters for an excellent smoking are the same as already listed i. precedence.

The strong point of this technique is not only aromatic but also visual, it becomes a real ritual service, where even the guest interacts with the smoke, thus creating a memorable emotional experience.


I feel I agree that there is no wrong technique, what is important is to pay attention to what result you want to achieve, naturally following the sanitary rules in force.


it's just one of the many techniques I share in mine


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