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I also call it, the dark side of mixology, not because it is the bad or rebellious side, but because it is the one that few people deal with and that nobody ever wants to talk about willingly.

Today, all mixology are very attentive to tasting combinations, minimal presentations or super festivals (artistic), I am not saying that it is wrong indeed to an immense value in terms of marketing, but in order to be sustainable a cocktail needs a BUSINNES PLAN.

If you don't do the right math and get caught up in euphoria, there is a very high percentage that your bar or place where you work loses a lot of money, time and energy.

Mixology is getting closer and closer to the concept of high quality, this means that the raw materials, technologies and machinery that are used increase their costs exponentially.

This does not mean that one should not have an excellent plan for the classic proposals, but that today more than ever attention must be meticulous both in the drink and in its business plan.

Before going to the point I also want to put your attention on a very important factor: VARIABLES.

We all know that human performance gives GREAT emotions, but at the same time it has a variable yield based on situations, moods, places (and other dynamics that I will deal with specifically in another article), this makes you understand that in an activity like a cocktail bar with a creative approach, the margins of error rise exponentially.

Another note worthy of further study is the Hospitality effect, which already from the first approach with the customer determines a good or bad success of a service.

From here on you will notice that the numbers become very important.

Most people don't quantify the waste, the time, the wrong drink cost, it's like we don't take into account 20 cents of loss every cocktail.


Now the best part comes, considering that you own a BUSINNES MIXOLOGY PLAN and that you have considered all the variables and dynamics, we could hypothesize that your cocktails are sold at a value of 10 euros.

Imagine losing 10 cents for every cocktail sold in a 100 cocktails evening (not a big sum) you would have lost 10, I don't know about you but it would bother me.

But now imagine 10 euros for a week 70 euros, for a month 280 euros for a year 3360 euros, for 5 years 16800 euros I won't go any further because you would realize that in 10 years you could also have paid 10 cents for a Porche 718 Boxster .

Imagine if your loss was greater and if your bar developed more than 100 cocktails on average daily.

Now, what I would like is that you at least calculate the Drink Cost.

It is a mathematical calculation between the cost of the product, the quantity that is bought and sold.

The mathematical formula is:

Bottle quantity 750 ml: portion of the cocktail 30 ml = 25 (these are the portions that we could make with 30 ml of product)

Cost of the bottle 10: 25 = 0.40 (each 30ml serving costs 0.40 cents)


Having an affinity with numbers is vital


and the profitability of your Cocktail bar.


If what I told you about has turned you on and if you think it's time to turn, taking your professionalism to the next level

I invite you to participate in one of my LIVE events

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