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Today I would like you to have a complete plan, to view  the Cocktails competitions.

As you well know there are many competitions in the bartending world.

Each one of them pursues a specific purpose.

Some aim at creativity, others at simplification, while others are focused on the classics.

This makes you understand right away what the competition is for you.

Later you have to train.

Training means dedicating a certain number of hours each day, which you decide based on your work and personal life.

Training is as important as studying, information is of little use if we do not know how to apply it.

At this point, you should have studied and practiced, and be ready to perform.

But in reality one of the most important pieces is missing.

To those who have not happened to be on the platform, in front of their GURU or MASTERS or JUDGES and remain unarmed, without words, or begin to tremble like the leaves in a storm of wind.

It happened to everyone, some are able to overcome that state of absolute emptiness, others play their opportunities remaining subjugated by events.

This state of mind I'm talking about is called STRESS.

STRESS is an imbalance, manifested on these occasions in the form of false beliefs.

The mind on this occasion has a triggering role, it has the power to lead us to unexpected thoughts and to condition our state of balance.

The false beliefs that often manifest themselves are inner thoughts such as:

I'm not able, this competition is bigger than me, I will surely be wrong, someone else will be better than me, in the worst case I don't deserve it.

Once you have defined the profile of the competition you are most interested in, it is time to study.

The study must be based on the acquisition of the fundamentals, and the search for your interpretation.

We say that the work to be done is certainly not the most hasty, we must:

to read,


and acquire

all possible information to approach the type of competition you have chosen.

The strategy I'm sharing with you is powerful, but like the other skills it has to be trained, but above all you have to believe it.

The vast majority of people underestimate the power of the mind, and how much this can affect our mood and our performance.

Believing in what you are doing is fundamental and believing that the mind is part of this path is a trigger.

The Zoppi Strategy has helped many Bartenders and Barmaid out of this whirlwind of false beliefs.

The exercise to do is as simple as studying, but as I have already mentioned to you, you must make a wall of your daily training.

You must know that those who are going to judge you want your victory, the jury is made up of human and not immortal people, often many of them have passed what you are going through.

You must remember to always be humble and natural in what you do, it must reflect your personality and not that of another.

You have to talk with your heart, and show your passion, and communicate what you believe.

This attitude is a very strong mental enhancement.

The aim is always to win the competition, but the goal is much higher, is to do good to people, making them live incredible and exciting moments.


The strength of love goes beyond any doubt and fear.

When we manifest love in what we do everything has another taste and we behave differently, and people the gurus, the juries clearly and strongly perceive what you are sharing.


Probably it may happen that the Stress occurs in the platform anyway, what I invite you to do is repeat inside yourself, as if it were your ritual,

I love what I do and what I will do is share this love, this passion with the people I will have in front of me talking to me about my wonderful creation, aimed at doing good to others.


My question is this point is:

Why shouldn't you be ready?

Because you should doubt yourself when the cause is far greater than a simple acknowledgment.

Why always think badly, instead of welcoming the good of things.

Why not think about it this time I deserve it.


This is not all, there is much more, but as you will have understood some concepts and words express emotions, and many of those if only read, would not have that strength or meaning.

So mine is an invitation to live an experience, a new working approach, giving way to your new path.



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