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In the entrepreneurial world, there are decisions that guide your company's future, and then there are other decisions that define its destiny.

Hiring falls into the latter category: when you don't hire with care and attention and strategically, your business will not grow consistently, regardless of what you do to improve it in any other area (e.g. Accounting, Marketing, product innovation).

I researched and tried and finally adopted a model, a system that I use to evaluate the quality of my collaborators

There are different categories of "HORSES"

BRONZE horses have good attitude and decent skills, but neither are exceptional.

SILVER horses have an excellent attitude, but they don't make the most of their skills -

They are willing to learn and be trained, they need a Coach to stimulate them, usually with them results are obtained quite easily

DE  Dart fener.png

GOLD horses are at a high level. Golden quality employees or associates are results-oriented. They are mission driven and time disappears for them.

They love the heart of the company and follow the rules.

Their psychology is solidly dedicated to doing what it takes to achieve goals but also and moreover they possess extraordinary abilities.

When you combine their amazing mindset, psychology and attitude, you have someone who is unstoppable.

The GOLD horses also set high standards that positively influence the attitude of all other employees and collaborators, acting as an example and level of achievement.

Building a team of gold-quality employees isn't always quick or easy.

Objectively analyzing hiring or collaboration requests is a first necessity, even if it sometimes means taking time.

One approach that has statistically worked in recent years is "slow to hire and quick to fire".

If you adopt a slow hiring mindset, you may find that your team grows at a steady, manageable pace and employee retention increases.

Do not leave certain sections of your company to chance by having them run by unspecified people with a superficial attitude.

If you want to get the definition of what INTERVIEW means and have my PRO RECRUITING QUESTIONNAIRE


With the description above I wanted to share with you what 3 categories of collaborators or typical employees that can be found on the market are for me.

You may have noticed that this information is usually hardly ever considered by both workers and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Recruiting is important for entering categories.

As far as the worker is concerned, it is important that he knows how to present his candidacy both in the personal and professional fields in an appropriate manner

As for the entrepreneur, he must be aware of the means to scrutinize candidates who wish to be hired in their facility.


the new world of commerce to new rules, come and meet them in mine

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