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First of all, it seems only right to tell you what DE VEGG is.

It is a container, a glass, a vase, it can be many things.

I created it for entertainment, that of the bar, of mixology.

The idea starts with the word COCKTAIL.

What does cocktail mean?

Rooster tail,

I asked myself: "the rooster will have to be born somewhere", I know you are already thinking: was the chicken or the egg born first?

Did you ask yourself this question too? I have asked myself too, I thought

and I got an idea, the egg, yes the egg, before the rooster's tail, before the rooster and therefore even before the cocktail.

The egg for me has a primordial meaning is the meaning of life, the egg is used in many transformations.

I wanted to use, however, the egg without the egg, I mean, is the cognitive image that leads people to think that inside the egg there is the egg inside.

In this case there is not, but there will be what you want inside.

Good? or Good?

I also thought, that we live in an important moment in mixology, sustainability, and therefore no straws!

At this point, as before, I very easily associated the gesture of drinking, the one we all know: the egg with COCK.

Drinking a drink from the egg is an experience to try, I'm sure if you try it you will have fun like crazy.


Clay fired and then disposed of, everything is made by our expert craftsman by hand

100% made in Turin

The production is handcrafted, like all items that are handmade, time is running wild 


For whom is de vegg

I would say for everyone, but it would be nonsense, I do not think that, for the bar in the disco it is suitable.

I believe that the best application is in cocktail bars, where mixologists want to surprise their customers, not only with an intriguing liquid proposal and also with a container of extreme design and new shape.

It is excellent for competitions, especially when trying to recall or connect multiple links to a challenge.

Impactful, used in restaurants, where research is done and you want to interact with the customer with simplicity and also in a "different" way

cleaning and storage

Being a closed container, it needs to be washed more carefully.

The material is resistant and sturdy, has no washing problems, even in the dishwasher it easily withstands high temperatures.

The storage behind the bar counter is simple, De VEGG is balanced, and remains balanced.

the indecent proposal


Click the button below, you will be contacted

If you buy DE VEGG in the Easter period from April 1st to April 23rd the price will be discounted from 20 euros to 12 euros.

But I'm not done .. for purchases over 10 pieces, the cost is further lowered to 10 euros per piece.

YES? Or Yes?

I want   also inform you about my Cocktails Mastery, do not hesitate to get information and start your new professional path.


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