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My dear friend
I finally find the time to compliment you.
My congratulations are not fuss for pleasure, but a true and sincere sentiment, motivated by a series of factors that in my opinion I consider very relevant.
Let me explain, the profession of (Bartender, bartender, mixology) has always been represented by a male figure since ancient times, see the creator of all this Jeremiah Thomas, but in any case they are already found in history, I call them reckless, because all epoch, from my readings and researches the equality of the sexes was not so shared, Women with a capital D who have brought their own contribution to the drinks we know today.
If you allow me I would like to share a thought of mine that constantly accompanies me in my career.
I ask you only 3 questions, with the hope that you can give yourself even 5 minutes of your day to answer.
Who are you?
Where are you?
What do you want to accomplish within a year?
Believe me that this method or if you want to call it a strategy is infallible, it worked, and continues to work for me today.
By asking yourself these questions daily or in the cadence that suits you best, you will always clarify yourself and where you want to go, not only professionally but also in your everyday life.
Why am I sharing all this with you?
Simply because it often happens that information is hidden from certain categories, and I find this behavior unfair today especially.
I hope you can rise and shine as you wish.
There is nothing that makes me happier in my career than to see my students, my colleagues and colleagues fulfilled.
But I'm not done here.
I would also like to share one of my own
I hope you like it.



Rhum Agricole
Coconut water
That's right about apple
Lemon juice
As you may have noticed, the quantities are not indicated.
The motivation is not the exclusive of the recipe, but rather the pleasure of not binding you in what is the perception of my taste.

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