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Cocktail Kioke is the demonstration of collaboration, open-mindedness, solidarity.

The ingredients are inspired by Japan.

Besides being a Cocktail, Kioke is the name of a beer aged in cypress barrels produced by Baladin.

Shiso, commonly called Asian basil,

ponzu soy sauce,

Kioke Baldin ,

Umeshu, these are the ingredients that make up my cocktail, presented for the Salone del Gusto 2018 Turin.

It is a cocktail that elevates the umami taste to the nth.

Its depth and brackish notes pleasantly accompany the food.

It is a cocktail of medium softness, it can be perceived on the palate.

Recommended foodpairing:

Sushi (possibly vegetable)

Miso soup


Blending technique

Shake and strain

Glass presented for the Salone del Gusto

Origami of paper.

dennis scontorno mano incrociate.png

If you are wondering: how do you create all this?

It's simple, I have created a system that I have been using for many years, which simplifies

the CREATIVE process.

We are all creative, but often we get confused and lose focus,

With love and passion, for more than 20 years, I have been working in the hospitality world, as a former owner of cocktail bars (10 years), consultant for large companies, including Diageo and Bacardi Martini, currently Ambassador Lavazza, creator of serves Design and creator of new unreleased drinks, I hope to do something pleasant by sharing mine with you


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