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We all need a MAP, including myself.

All the successes I have achieved, all my skills I have achieved using a MAP.

You may be wondering, what are you talking about?

It may seem strange, but a Map can solve many organizational problems, especially when trying to realize a great dream, a great project.

I also do not hide another very important skill to make your dreams come true.

This skill is called MOTIVATION.

But let's go back to the MAP for now.

You must have clear ideas My friend, confusion does not help, especially in. this phase.

What do you want to achieve in the next 2/3 months?

A new menu for your restaurant?

Do you want to make your own a new mixing technique?

Do you want to learn a new Flair movement?

Once you have chosen the GOAL you want to achieve, the next step is to create a MAP.

Using a MAP goes beyond setting goals; change the emotional meaning of things by creating a stronger link to the outcome, making the achievement you set yourself more likely.

Yes? Hours Yes?

I want to give you a gift to make the MAP you create for yourself easier.

This gift is a simple exercise, but it will lead you to a great awareness, making everything even easier and clearer.

Exercise: Are you committed to change?

The Map is all about asking yourself the right questions. Specifically, it asks the following three questions in this exact sequence:

What do I really want?
What is my purpose?
What should I do?

These questions lead you to the information you need to create your massive action plan.

Planning for results increases the sense of satisfaction, not only will you be able to accomplish great things, but you will know that the goals you are achieving are the ones that really matter to you.

Remember, the result you want to achieve must be as specific as possible.

The results must be quantifiable and concrete, so you know when you have achieved them.


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