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Base cocktail BEER

What are the alternatives to spirits?

What could be the new structural bases of a Cocktails?

I went to work, opening my mind to any other alternative, but I had a specific goal, to keep the Italian spirit at 100%.

I tremendously love taking inspiration from my surroundings, and I easily found what I needed.


As you well know, the vast majority of cocktails on the market are based on spirits, such as Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, etc.

Then a few years ago, I asked myself,

why should i limit my choice range?

So start asking me questions,


Yes, just her, beer, known by all, easy to drink, suitable for all hours, and of Italian tradition, I couldn't go wrong.

I decided to create an aperitif suitable for everyone, a cocktail that is easy to replicate for professionals in the sector but also for the less accustomed.


it was my choice, not only for the organoleptic characteristics, but also for the name it represents, the NATION.

It was even easier to find the second ingredient that once again directed me to Italianness, making me dive into the past, not only as a type of product, but also as a linguistic heritage, LATINO, then ITALICUS rosolio al bergamot.

To conclude the bouquet of Italian style, a drop of olive oil (or an olive inside the drink) and the games are done.

scontornato seduto.jpg


National Baladin Beer

Italicus rosolio with bergamot

A drop of olive oil

(or whole olive in the cocktail)

Pro option

Same recipe

With different color shape.


RED bitter

BIANCA National Beer  

Tasting notes:

Pleasant mato, coriander, clear brushstroke of bergamot, a good bitter that drags the aromatic persistence , inviting the sip.

soft texture attributed by olive oil

Suitable for .all hours,

recommended at the time of the aperitif

easy and understandable to drink.

If you like this approach, if what you have read is not enough for you, if you want to constantly evolve yourself, and if you want to finally do something meaningful for you and your profession, I am pleased to share you.


Click the button below and take action right away.

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