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It is a cocktail designed to share a very specific meaning.

It is immediate, PERL (a sphere) ISMO (futurism)

In reality it is not quite so immediate, it is for me who are the creator of it, and it will be for you, after this sharing.

PERLISMO has several objectives:

The first is the surprise effect, if it's not surprising what's new, you may be wondering, why should I try it?

The second is sustainability, awareness and a new way of coding cocktails

The third is inherent in futurism, giving impetus to the customer through a completely innovative and original proposal.

The idea jumped at me when I saw the works of Armando Testa, a person who I consider brilliant in many respects, where I personally noticed and captured through his works, a communication that goes beyond the artistic gesture and directs the gaze to fun, sarcasticity , breaking the committed ritual of the classic artistic work, surprising and making the viewer laugh.

PERLISMO is a cocktail inside a sphere of cocoa butter.

The proposal is non-alcoholic

Lavazza Tierra Selection coffee (espresso extraction)


Passion Fruit syrup

I guarantee you that all the ingredients used are readily available, even cocoa butter, which you can easily find in organic shops or Metro pastry area, or if you want to save time and money Amazon.


50 ml Lavazza Tierra Selection Coffee (espresso extraction)

200 ml Chinotto

35 ml Passion Fruit syrup

250 gr Cocoa butter ( pastry) not that for the lips


Spherical silicone molds

induction plate or cooking drones

1 syringe (to fill the silicone molds)

4 thin pins or syringe needles

1 blast chiller or freezer

1 pot for bain-marie

1 bowl for cocoa butter

1 large container to hold all the ingredients


5 minutes to make the mixture

3 hours for solidification in a blast chiller at -25 °

8 hours for solidification in the freezer

5 minutes to cover the pearls

uno cerchiato sito .png

Blending technique

Extract the coffee from your espresso machine.

Let it cool down.

Once the coffee is cold or room temperature you can safely add all the ingredients in a large container, which can give you the opportunity to make at least 50 Pearls.

If you think that this Minicocktail or as I like to call it, AMUSE-BOUCHE, or precocktails, could be for you, I suggest you produce at least a quantity of 50 pearls, because when your customer tries one, all the others will they will want to try.

due cerchiato stito .png

Realization Technique

To create your perfect pearls, you will need:

spherical molds in food-grade silicone,

a freezer that can reduce the temperature to at least -10 or, as recommended, a blast chiller for food,

a pot

a spherical steel basin

an induction plate or burners to melt the cocoa butter in a bain-marie.

When you have found these tools, you can proceed to the formation of pearls.

tre cerchiato sito .png

Freezing of pearls

Pour the blend created with coffee, chinotto and passion fruit into the silicone molds.

If you want you can help yourself by using a syringe to fill in the forms.

Make sure that every single shape is filled well to the brim, avoiding unpleasant formations of semi-pearls or strange shapes.

Solidification times vary from the freezer temperature you have.

The higher the temperature reduction power, the shorter the wait for pearls to form.

I also tested a very normal home freezer and quietly in one night I obtained a satisfactory result.

I also recommend not stacking the molds, being the silicone material,

(not heat conducting), this would imply additional time for the formation of the pearls.

quattro cerchiato sito .png

cocoa butter

Bain marie technique, melt the cocoa butter until you have obtained a homogeneous liquid. (bain-marie max 55 degrees)

Remove the cocoa butter from the bain-marie and wait for the cocoa butter to cool to at least 5 degrees.

At this stage it is important to wait for the cocoa butter to cool by at least 5/7 degrees to prevent the frozen pearls, previously in contact with the cocoa butter, from deteriorating their rounded shape .

Remove the solidified spheres from the silicone shapes.

Insert the needle or pin into the ball making sure the grip is firm.

Quickly dip and squeeze the pearl in cocoa butter. (see video below)

Wait 3/4 seconds for the cocoa butter to solidify around the pearl.

Gently pull the pin out of the pearl, avoiding breaking the cocoa butter.

Close the pinhole with a small drop of liquid cocoa butter.

5 cerchiato sito.png

storage and maintenance

Remember that pearls are very delicate and suffer from heat sources.

My advice is therefore to store them in dedicated containers in the refrigerator at a temperature ranging from 4/6 degrees.

To be consumed in non-alcoholic version in max 3 days, properly stored in


6 cerchiato sito.png

Conclusion, Wow effect

Perlismo, is an original creation, which breaks down the classic approach to customers, adding an extremely impactful sensory tasting value, with an indisputable result, WoW Effect.


You discover that there is much more than what you have already seen, around you, and within you.

Begin to broaden your horizons today, without depriving yourself of the pleasure of constantly improving every day.

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