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One of the tips, which I will share with you often will be:

Ask yourself quality questions and quality answers will come.

This attitude towards improvement has often helped me to simplify what seemed impossible at first glance , giving me the opportunity to face anything.

Popcorn, what does it taste like?

What is the image that materializes in our mind?

The taste of Popcorn is of corn, (the popcorn grains refer to the family of gattos) EASY, (initially it is corn), then through cooking it becomes another magical ingredient.

Dry, crunchy taste, its personality remains intact, but its texture gives it more tasting meaning.

Crunchiness is a MUST, this exceptional sensation that accompanies us for the entire duration of consumption is almost compulsive, inviting those who consume it one bite after another.

At this point I thought SWEET or SALTY?

At that moment the emotion clicked in me and I thought: there are no limits !!!

It's not the first cocktail I make with the POPCORN ingredient, but this one you'll find below is just outside the box.


To understand that POPCORN and BEER could work well together, I asked myself these questions:

What do beer and popcorn have in common?

Both cereals.

Can both be found on the table?


These two pieces of information gave me excellent ideas to understand in which direction to experiment.

I thought of a sweet version, easier to approach, and easy to understand.


The "salty sweet" sensation is attributed by the salted caramel ingredient.

Within this drink, bitter hops notes are perceived, with pleasant citrus intervals.

Excellent after lunch, suitable for those who want to discover new tastes, versatile even with food.

Low alcohol content (4% alcohol)

National Baladen

Pop corn flavored salted caramel

Pinch of salt.

Mixing technique:



If you are wondering: how do you create all this?

It's simple, I have created a system that I have been using for many years, which simplifies

the process of creativity.

We are all creative, but often we get confused and lose focus,

With love and passion, for more than 20 years, I have been working in the hospitality world, as a former owner of cocktail bars (10 years), consultant for large companies, including Diageo and Bacardi Martini, currently Ambassador Lavazza, creator of serves Design and creator of new unreleased drinks, I hope to do something pleasant by sharing mine with you


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