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My friend,

you probably could have seen what I do to be happy in my life.

I am a curious, a researcher, many define me as a revolutionary.

Yes, I like new things, I like to challenge myself, always trying to improve myself, learning new skills and using them in the sector where I work.

Mha there is one thing you need to know.

Without good foundations, the risk of error is very high.

My knowledge is constantly evolving, but it is based on what are fundamental rules.

You are wondering which ones?


It is the right proportion of ingredients,

which allows those who consume a drink to perceive every single ingredient, giving a tasted sense to the product in question .

Porta Palazzo GRAFICA bianco 1.png

So my friend, tradition never dies, but evolves, transforms, but in fact it always remains the same, only it takes on other clothes.

You will realize that as in mixing, the same rules exist in everyday life, the only difference is that you have to observe them from a different point of view.


Porta Palazzo GRAFICA bianco 1.png

We are what we eat.
Italy, Turin, a reality where you can lose yourself in memories and nostalgia.

The Porta Palazzo market is one of the places where I would spend my days listening to merchants talking about past stories.

In those tiny alleys, everything happens, and you can meet faces from all over the world, although it is traditional to the core, its centerpiece is a multi-ethnic mix.

You can find any friend you haven't seen in a long time, or complete strangers, from the other side of the world.

The scents at times intense, evoke forgotten memories.

This Cocktails is a memory, it is the pleasure of proposing TRADITIONAL ingredients in a modern way.

This Cocktail is about where I am.

The WINE becomes the basis of this drink, and the Jerusalem artichoke infusion was carried out using a modern vacuum technique.

PUMPKIN is baked in the oven and then blended.

LIQUORICE with pumpkin I discovered it from a great friend whom I respect very much


RICE MALT is the passion for the most consumed product in the world and in many respects one of the most versatile I know.

LAVAZZA Tierra Colombia is the Italian spirit par excellence, I would define it as the touch that AWAKENS TASTES. (caviar from LAVAZZA).


(Helium flavored with hazelnut in the form of a balloon)

Arneis wine (Cuneo)


Very fresh pumpkin
Licorice powder
Perlage by lavazza Tierra Colombia Laughter with the scent of hazelnut and coffee Rice malt syrup.

All the ingredients are blended together and then stored in a SLASH MACHINE.

The result is a fast, fresh and always ready creamy refreshing drink for our customers.

Tazza al bvolo scontornato_.jpg

If you enjoyed my sharing, and would like you too

understand, learn, evolve your knowledge, your person.

Well I have something that can do for you.

Click on the link below and begin your new journey into a new dimension, YOURS.

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