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Chocolate and smoke are combinations that excite me incredibly.

I have always loved chocolate, and the Mexican one is something mystical.

The Mexican hot chocolate has nothing to do with what we know in Europe.

Frothy, creamy and spicy, once again demonstrates that Mexican cuisine is much more varied and interesting than we believe and is rich in typical dishes that we do not know exist.

Today I offer you a recipe of Mexican hot chocolate, with different types of spices and ingredients, to warm up your winter evenings.

Let's start from the basics: the Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon, chocolate chips and honey.

Sweet but not too spicy but not too much to decorate with nutmeg.

  • Milk1 L or rice Milk

  • Cocoa powder3 tbsp, unsweetened as well

  • Cinnamon1 tsp

  • Chocolate chips3 tbsp

  • Honey3 tbsp

  • Salt1 / 4 tsp

  • Nutmegfreshly grated, for garnish

¾ oz. mezcal espadín
¾ oz. Mex Chocolate
¾ oz. Génépy
1 dash orange bitters
Tools: shaker
Glass: DE. See
Garnish: Chocolate

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