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Wow effect

What is the Wow factor?



Literally we can define the WOW effect as "the surprising element, or surprise factor". When in front of a product or service our rationality gives way to emotions from the brain we pass to the heart.


Our mind, as we know, tends to remember the positive moments, those that have left a trace and have created wonder and awe.

But memory also needs stimuli that you can learn more about in my Multi-semsory Mastery





What is the WOW effect formed from?



According to the marketing father Philip Kotler, companies and brands must fund creativity to improve the relationship with their customers throughout their life cycle.

Again according to Kotler from the customer's point of view the WOW effect is given by three elements:


enjoyment (appreciation)

experience (experience)



Companies and brands that will focus on the excellence of their product will always receive a simple appreciation from their customer; companies of this type will focus on the creation of products that meet the needs of their customers.


But the companies that will have the intuition and the desire to go further will also be able to offer their customers a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Companies that manage to reach a higher level than appreciation will be able to involve customers on a personal and emotional level and will be able to gain maximum trust on their part.





Can marketing help us get the WOW effect?



The first tool that allows us to leave a good impression of ourselves to our customers or potential customers is precisely the marketing and the marketer has the goal of pulling the “wow!” Exclamation out of the customer and doing it as quickly as possible .

For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and even you bartenders who often think that marketing is a bit astrophysical, it is much easier to get a wow effect by using modern marketing techniques that allow us a direct contact with the customer since few people do it today.



In conclusion, the more our products or services are able to transmit emotion, the more easily they will be not only remembered, but also recommended to other possible customers.

Every activity should not leave these moments to chance, but plan and create Wow moments on purpose to fascinate your client.


This information is very valuable and I hope you can use it to the fullest.

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